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Do you need to...


Build, engage, and grow a community?

Understand skills, experience, and motivators?

Collaborate with like-minded organizations?


Communicate, train & mobilize people to action?

Create an environment for people to help others?

Identify problem solvers?


Track objectives and key indicators in real-time?

Capture stories and best practices?

Develop competencies & training pathways?

Let help!

  • Match people to opportunities, projects, or groups
  • Train online
  • Communicate rapidly
  • Solve problems with external experts
  • Meet needs with physical items or fundraising
  • Create social impact opportunities
  • Measure with real-time analytics
  • Visualize competencies and gaps
  • Collaborate with other organizations
Build Online Communities
Internal (Employees, Donors)
External (Custoemrs, Vendors, Contractors, Members)

Gabriela Teasdale

President & Founder
Transformation Paraguay

Training and mobilizing 50,000 Paraguayans in values and leadership with

Reduce Cost

  • Save time
  • Simplify technology
  • Scale with a systematic process


  • Fundraise
  • Sell trainings & events
  • Create premium subscriptions

Build a Community

  • Create a movement
  • Become a thought leader
  • Make a difference

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The Platform®

Built on Microsoft ® cloud technology for security and scale.
Connect to your website or use standalone.
Turn off what you don’t need to simplify and adapt.

Your Brand, Your Data, Your Matching Criteria, Your Logo
Connect Companies, People, and Groups
Impact - Analyze, Measure, and Report

Measure Real-time Impact

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Making an Impact:

The 5 Things to Get Right with Technology

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We adjust price to your community size, email/SMS volume, technical support, data storage, and integrations.