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The all-in-one Private Community, People Engagement, Relational Intelligence Platform


Create your own private branded community

Understand people with "relationship intelligence" profiles

Engage people with assessments, courses, events, jobs, and meeting needs

Grow your private social network with relational profiles, groups, and stories

Monetize with premium memberships, fundraisers, pay-for courses and events

Measure your impact with deep user profiles and powerful analytics is the ultimate platform for brands, businesses, nonprofits, influencers, creators, and coaches to build private online communities that deliver growth, revenue, and impact.


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We imagine a future where people are
Known & Understood, Connected & Developed, Motivated & Fulfilled
with organizations and each other


People who stay


Higher Profits


Thriving Culture works for brands, business corporations, franchises, non-profits, education, and associations.

Use in any country or language.



Know & Unleash the full potential of your people

Empower and grow your organization with an ability to understand 450+ personality traits, interests & skills for each of your people

Use this data to match your users to other people, teams, trainings, and opportunities



Build Relationships & Communicate
with your people


 Create relationships through community networking, group collaboration, and capturing best practice stories

Communicate rapidly with email and SMS campaigns and gather feedback with surveys



Motivate & Engage your people


Design learning pathways for training and career development

Drive exponential sign-ups for in person and webinar events

Post jobs

Match mentors with mentees

Fundraise and recruit volunteers




Measure results with real-time analytics


Develop and retain your people

Minimize conflict & strengthen relationships

Craft roles that align with personal priorities

Create effective teams

Maximize employee motivation and satisfaction


Which product do you need?


Each one is powerful by itself, but they are better when used together.
We turn off what you don’t need.

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Are you ready to mobilize an organization or a community?

We are here to help.

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Unleash the
of your people.

Empower and impact your organization.