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Develop rich user relationship profiles

Understand 450+ user dynamics

Detect conflict & retention indicators

Match users to Connect & Mobilize


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Develop Rich Relationship Profiles 

Understand who the true person is – not just transactional information – but relational.

Personality, Hobbies and Interests

Skills and Experience

Bio and Languages

Education and Organizations


Understand Yourself

Multiple best-in-class assessments are designed to discover 450+ user dimensions.

Personal Style

 Strengths & Weaknesses

 Motivators, Goals, & Growth Drivers

 Emotions & Stress Triggers

Work Effectiveness

Work They Love vs Work That Drains

Communication, Feedback, Conflict Triggers

Meeting, Emailing

Career Fits and Organizational Benefits


Understand Others

Multiple best-in-class assessments are designed to discover 450+ user dimensions.

Relate to Others

How They Evaluate

How They Influence

Effectiveness Traits

Preferred Culture

How to Improve


Optimize Your Organization with IntelligenceSphere™ Analytics 

Create a Healthy Environment

Design effective teams

Identify peer or supervisor conflict

Maximize motivation and satisfaction

Grow with Strategic Focus

Retain your people

Craft roles that align with personal priorities

Develop career pathways


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