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Business Solutions


An all-in-one franchise management platform

Emerging Brands

Established Brands

International / Global Brands

Multi-Unit and/or Multi-Brand

Franchise Portfolios

Private Equity Portfolios

Franchise Association Membership

Franchise Supplier / Vendor Portfolios


Schedule Your Demo Real-time People Engagement Analytics

Competitive Benefits

Position your brand to be best-in-class

Optimize and improve unit level economics

Assess and establish result driven franchisee/work team relationships

Provide solutions to current labor shortage to retain and align personal and professional skills

Qualify and align franchise leads to brand culture

Provide geolocation tools to illustrate strategic growth opportunities (domestic and global)

Establish scalable and sustainable processes with technology

Centralize marketing to maintain brand standards that can be pushed out to 180+ social networks


Scalable and Sustainable Solutions

Franchise System, Home Office, Franchise Support Center

External Franchisee, unit level/locations

Brand Customer/Client offerings (customer portals)

Franchise Development

Private Equity Centralized Services


Understand Your Franchise Business

ProfileSphere™ accelerates recruiting, new hire applications, personality & conflict detection, and establish strategic relationships

SynergySphere™ creates connections with customized criteria that aligns brand culture, standards and best practices. by matching users to other users, training, business development and growth opportunities, jobs, events, and work groups

ContactSphere™ CRM scales your people management information ProfileSphere - Understanding People

Connect Your Franchise Family

SocialSphere™ enables your franchise network to get to know one another

GroupSphere™ collaboration in private or open groups for sharing files, ideas, and promoting rapid communication

MarketingSphere™ captures stories and best practices for franchisor to share with franchisees that push to 180+ social networks Franchise Business Solutions - Connect People

Mobilize Your Franchise Network

JobSphere™ acquires new talent and matches new job postings "intelligently" using ProfileSphere™ assessments

EventSphere™ accelerates registrations for webinars, live events and on-demand recordings

LearningSphere™ LMS scales training and education for the entire workforce and new franchisees Franchise Business Solutions - Learning Management, Event Management, Talent Aquisition

Communicate with Your Franchise Family

MessageSphere™ gives you full control to send mass emails, newsletters or SMS text messages to your franchise network

SurveySphere™ enables you to conduct pulse surveys to capture data rapidly Franchise Business Solutions - Communication, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Analytics

Measure the Impact of your Franchise Network

EnterpriseSphere™ connects franchisor and franchisees together to share training, employee profiles, group collaboration, events, webinars and more

IntelligenceSphere™ enables measurement with real-time analytic tracking across your franchise network Franchise Business Solutions - Franchisee Analytics

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